Terror bird paddock infobox

The terror bird in its paddock.

The terror bird paddock is a paddock in Prehistoric Park. It is home to one terror bird.

Design and environmentEdit

The fences surrounding the terror bird paddock were not as high as the fences used for enclosures like T-Rex Hill or Triceratops Creek, but not as low as the fences used for Ornithomimus Pond and Mammoth Mount.

The paddock is situated in a sandy praire area of the park, in order to satisfy the terror birds need to dust bathe. An area of sandy dunes rests near the front of the paddock, whilst much of the rest of the terrain seems to be composed of long dune grass.


Nigel Marven asked Bob to build this paddock shortly before leaving for the Pleistocene. Bob originally mistook Nigel's request for a "bird cage" literally, due to the titanosaurs blocking his radio, and brought Nigel a regular-sized bird cage. When his mistake was realised, he built the paddock, and the terror bird was released into it shortly after it was brought to the park.

Because the terror bird began to take dust baths near the paddock fence, it continously made gaps under the bottom of the fence, allowing it to escape several times. Although Bob intended to modify the fence posts to stretch underground, he did not have the time.

The paddock was destroyed by a titanosaur during the mass breakout, then presumably rebuilt afterwards with underground fences.

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