Narration: There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we could bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever? We're going back in time on a safari with a difference, as wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven plunges into prehistory to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction. His plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present, and give them a second chance.
Narration: On his very first mission, he hopes to rescue one of the last of the dinosaurs, from the most dramatic extinction ever
Narration: Welcome to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary. Welcome to Prehistoric Park.

Narration: It's a big day at Prehistoric Park.
Narration: Throughout this huge reserve, everyone is busy preparing for the first arrivals.
Head Keeper Bob: Come on lads, quick as you like.
Bob: Can you get a ten foot pole down the bottom of the paddock.
Narration: They're almost finished building the enclosures for everything from giant insects, to dinosaurs.
Bob: Remember, check everything! This is home to a dangerous creature!
Narration: If Nigel can make extinct animals feel at home anywhere, it's here.
Nigel Marven: The natural geography will help us contain the animals. There's the ocean to the south, and to the north, there's a mountain range. Everything I need in terms of habitat: there's savannah, there's forests, there's rivers, there's even a waterfall. Perfect environments for keeping prehistoric animals.
Narration: All they need now are the prehistoric creatures themselves.
Narration: One day, Nigel plans to breed extinct animals in captivity. But his first step is to only bring a few of each species back, to see how they get on in the 21st Century.
Narration: And Nigel knows exactly what he wants to start with. The meanest and scariest of them all - Tyrannosaurus rex!

Narration: He's already worked out when and where he'll have to go to track one down.
Nigel: The most widely accepted theory about why dinosaurs became extinct is that a meteorite smashed into the Earth. This is the Earth 65 million years ago. This is where the impact was, somewhere in Mexico. You can still see the crater. Around that time there were masses of T. rex here, somewhere in Montana. I need to go back there to find them.
Narration: To rescue the last of the T. rex, Nigel is going back to the very end of the age of dinosaurs, as close to the meteorite impact as he dares.