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T-Rex Returns
General information
Airdate 22 July 2006
Episode number #1
Animals featured Tyrannosaurus
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On his very first mission, [Nigel] hopes to rescue one of the last of the dinosaurs, from the most dramatic extinction ever.
— Opening narration.
T-Rex Returns is the first episode of Prehistoric Park. In this episode, Nigel targets the first animals for the park: the last of the dinosaurs, from Cretaceous Montana.


Nigel travels back to the days leading up to the Cretaceous mass extinction to save the last dinosaurs from extinction.


At Prehistoric Park, the construction of the park is nearing its final stages. Nigel Marven decides which dinosaurs he wants to rescue from extinction first: the very last of the dinosaurs - in particular, Tyrannosaurus, which survived in North America before being wiped out the K/T extinction. Nigel and his team travel back in time to Montana, 65 million years ago, merely days before the meteorite impact.

Whilst exploring a nearby forest, Nigel comes across an Ornithomimus flock. He captures one, but is forced to release it when three Tyrannosaurus show up and chase him. He then explores the mountains, and discovers a family of Tyrannosaurus, but finds that their eggs have already hatched. In the night, he notices the first signs of the K/T meteorite.

The next morning, the lake near the camp is visited by a massive herd of Triceratops. The Tyrannosaurus pride attempts to attack the herd: in the fighting, a female Tyrannosaurus is gored, and the males abandon her. Nigel uses the opportunity to rescue a juvenile Triceratops for the park. The team decides to name him Theo, and he is transported to his new enclosure: Triceratops Creek. Head Keeper Bob notices that he is attacking the trees in his enclosure: Head Vet Suzanne believes he is rutting. This gives Bob an idea.

Back in the Cretaceous, Nigel has been tracking the female Tyrannosaurus who was gored in the Triceratops attack. He builds a wooden stockade to try and funnel her into the time portal, but the Ornithomimus flock ends up running through instead. The Tyrannosaurus kills a juvenile Ornithomimus which was too slow, and takes it into the mountains. At the park, Bob builds a paddock for the new Ornithomimus flock.

Nigel follows the Tyrannosaurus back to her mountain home, where he discovers that she has two babies. He initially hopes to bring all three back to the park, but a male Tyrannosaurus appears and kills the female for the dead Ornithomimus. Thousands of miles away, the meteorite finally enters the Earth's atmosphere, and lands in the Gulf of Mexico. Nigel manages to lure the baby Tyrannosaurus' through the portal using a sandwich, just seconds before the area is consumed by the blast.

At the park, the Tyrannosaurus' - named Terrence and Matilda - are released into T-Rex Hill. Bob finally unveils his plan for Theo: a heavily reinforced tractor designed to look like a Triceratops. He and Nigel joust Theo using the tractor, giving him something to take his aggression out on.


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T. rex is a monster. At a staggering forty-five feet long and five tonnes, it shouldn't be too hard to track one down. What he'll do when he does find one is not exactly clear.
— Narration.
Ornithomimus. I've seen the fossils in museums. Ornithomimus means bird mimic, and you can see why. Exactly like an ostrich. Let's see how close we can get.
A glorious sight to wake up to, a big herd of Triceratops. This is a tremendous sight. When the fossils were found, they named these things Triceratops horridus, it means horrid three-horned face. But how could they, they are gorgeous.
What a magnificent place. Pterosaurs swooping overhead, you can hear them calling all of the time. And sweet water. But it's hard to believe that this stream will be choked with ash and dust. The meteorite, it's gonna hit not too far away, and time is running out. This is my second rescue mission, and I am determined to save some T. rex for Prehistoric Park.
Hundreds of miles away, the meteorite has finally entered the Earth's atmosphere - at twenty thousand miles an hour. The sonic boom it creates is one of the loudest noises the world has ever known. As it strikes the Gulf of Mexico, it causes an explosion seven billion times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. It releases a blast front moving at a hundred times the speed of sound. This devastation is just the start. The cloud of ash will soar into the sky, and molten rock will start raining down, igniting global wildfires. And as it mushrooms out, it will engulf the entire world in a blanket of darkness. All this is just three minutes away.
— Narration.
Next time, Nigel sets his sights on a mammoth from the ice age. But he's going to have to overcome the cold climate, and a hostile reception. Managing the prehistoric creatures Nigel brings back will definitely not be as easy as they first thought.
— Closing narration.