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Prehistoric Park Race to the Rescue is a board game based on Prehistoric Park. It is similar in gameplay to Monopoly.

Rules and gameplayEdit

The game can be played by up to four people. The plaer's goal is to fill their park with one of each animal (Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, woolly mammoth, Elasmotherium, Microraptor, Nyctosaurus, giant dragonfly and Arthropleura), then return home through the time portal.

Each player chooses a character (Nigel Marven, Bob, and two unnamed female characters), and one of four time periods (Cretaceous, Pleistocene, Carboniferous) to start in. The player uses a dice to move their character along the squares around the time period. There are a number of squares the player can land on: creature squares, which allow the player to add the revelevant creature to their park; danger squares, which force the player to miss a turn; temporary portals, which allow the player to go to another period or rescue any animal from that period; and the time portal itself, which allows the player to go to another period.

The first player to collect all eight creatures and get back to the time portal is the winner of the game.


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Animals and charactersEdit