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Extinction doesn't have to be forever.
— Tagline.
Prehistoric Park is a docu-fiction television miniseries developed by Impossible Pictures and aired by ITV in July to August 2006.

The series features wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven, who also starred in Chased by Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters, travelling back to various time periods to rescue animals from extinction and bring them back to the titular park, a massive reserve in West Africa.



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T-Rex ReturnsEdit

Original airdate: 22 July 2006.
Director: Karen Kelly.
Filming location: Chile, South America.

In the first episode of the series, Nigel travels back to the days leading up to the Cretaceous mass extinction to save the last dinosaurs from extinction. He rescues Triceratops, Ornithomimus, and Tyrannosaurus from extinction.

A Mammoth UndertakingEdit

Original airdate: 29 July 2006
Director: Karen Kelly.
Filming location: Yukon, North America.

Nigel travels to the distant past to find the last woolly mammoth, but, when she returns to the park, she quickly falls ill. Meanwhile, at the park, the keepers struggle with caring for some of the animals Nigel has already brought back. Nigel rescues the woolly mammoth and Elasmotherium from extinction.


Original airdate: 5 August 2006.
Director: Sid Bennett.
Filming location: Rotorua, New Zealand.

Whilst a heatwave hits the park and causes problems, Nigel travels to Cretaceous China to find the ancestors of the birds, where he is stalked by mysterious predators. He rescues Microraptor and the titanosaur from extinction.

Saving the SabretoothEdit

Original airdate: 12 August 2006.
Director: Sid Bennett.
Filming location: Brazil, South America.

Nigel endeavours to bring back the top predators of Pleistocene South America. At the park, Bob struggles to hatch two abandoned Ornithomimus eggs. Nigel rescues the terror bird and Smilodon from extinction.

The Bug HouseEdit

Original airdate: 19 August 2006.
Director: Matthew Thompson.
Filming location: Florida, North America.

Nigel travels further back than he has ever gone before in the series, to Carboniferous Scotland, where he collects giant insects. The success of his mission is endangered by a forest fire, and Terrence is grievously wounded by his sister. Nigel rescues a giant dragonfly, a giant scorpion, and Arthropleura from extinction.


Original airdate: 26 August 2006.
Director: Matthew Thompson.
Filming location: Fraser Island, Australia.

As the parks staff struggle to look after the terror bird, Smilodon, titanosaurs, and Elasmotherium, Nigel rescues the biggest crocodile ever, Deinosuchus, from Cretaceous Texas. However, a stowaway Troodon in his Jeep causes the titanosaurs to stampede, releasing most of the animals from their paddocks. Nigel rescues Deinosuchus and, accidentally, Troodon from extinction.

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