Thylacoleo cropped

Marsupial lion
Thylacoleo carnifex
General information
Other names
Range Australia
Temporal range Mid to Late Pleistocene
Diet Other animals
Notable individuals
Behind the scenes
Appearances Prehistoric Park: Saving the Sabretooth (image)
The Thylacoleo, a marsupial lion.

The marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) was a species of marsupial predator from Pleistocene Australia.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

As its name suggests, the marsupial lion had a similar body build to a lion, but with longer, stronger legs, a thick, kangaroo-like tail, large shearing teeth, and of course a pouch. Assuming Nigel's drawing is accurate, it had a spotted coat.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

The marsupial lion was an arboreal ambush hunter, waiting in trees for its prey to pass below, before leaping down and killing the prey.

In Prehistoric ParkEdit

Saving the SabretoothEdit

The marsupial lion was one of Nigel Marven's three final choices for the "cat" he wanted to save from extinction, along with the giant cheetah and sabre-toothed cat. He ultimately chose the sabre-tooth.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Saving the Sabretooth, Nigel incorrectly refers to the marsupial lion as a "lion with a pouch", and describes it as a cat.

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