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For the episode, see The Bug House.

The insect or bug house is a building in Prehistoric Park housing Carboniferous giant insects: a Meganeura, a Pulmonoscorpius, and an Arthropleura, a giant millipede.

Architecture and designEdit

The bug house is a concrete and brick structure with two adjoining rooms, each with a dome on its roof. They resemble the biomes used in the Eden Project and are presumably constructed in the same way, with tubular steel frames with hexagonal transparent panels made from a triple layer of thin UV-transparent ETFE film, inflated to create a large spaaace between the two sides and trapping heat like double-glazed windows

The entrance has two air-tight doors with a long corridor between, serving as an airlock. The two adjoining rooms have walls made mostly out of transparent bubbles, presumably for viewing the animals inside. Inside there appears to be no partition separating the species. It is filled entirely with tropical plants, many of them cordened off with small log fences, presumably to prevent damage. After its completion, Bob showed that the structure, due to its high oxygen atmosphere (35% nitrox), is vulnerable to fire; so it presumably has adequate fire alarms and sprinkler systems.


The insect house was evidently being built, or at least planned, at around the time that Nigel Marven went on his first collecting trip.[1] However, when Nigel travelled to the Carboniferous to collect the insect inhabitants, it was still in the early stages of construction. The free-roaming titanosaurs proved a problem, as they continuously wandered onto the construction site and destroyed the foundations of the building. This problem was solved when Head Keeper Bob, who was in charge of the construction, offered the titanosaurs gastrolithes.

The bug house was luckily seemingly unharmed, by the titanosaurs and the other escaped animals, during the mass breakout.


Behind the scenesEdit

Narration in T-Rex Returns suggests that the insect house is almost complete at the time of the episode. However, in The Bug House, which is set some time after the first episode, the house is only just being built.

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