Oliver and sibling cropped
Ornithomimus chicks
Biographical information
Species Ornithomimus
Residence Ornithomimus Pond, Prehistoric Park
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by
Appearances Prehistoric Park: Saving the Sabretooth
Prehistoric Park: The Bug House (cameo)
It's not easy being a mother you know.

Two Ornithomimus chicks, the male Oliver[1] and his unidentified sibling, were hatched by Bob after being abandoned as eggs by their mother.


Saving the SabretoothEdit

The eggs were laid in Prehistoric Park, in the Ornithomimus paddock. After they were laid, these two Ornithomimus' eggs fell out of the mother's nest. She gave up on them and used them as sacrificial eggs, offerings to any potential predators to protect her other eggs. Since they would die if not incubated, park vet Suzanne took them and gave them to head keeper Bob.

Bob placed them in an incubator in his workshop, but after the other Ornithomimus eggs hatched, his two remained unmoving. He eventually realised he had the temperature too low, and managed to hatch them out. They immediately imprinted on him, and began feeding from his hand.

Since they thought he was their mother, they began following him around, and even entered T-Rex Hill through the fence posts, before being scared back to Bob by Matilda.

The Bug HouseEdit

Despite their attachment to him, Bob eventually returned them to their paddock: as he left them, one of the pair bit him on the leg.

Behind the scenesEdit

Oliver was named in a downloadable "desktop pet", which is no longer available.

A number of smaller Ornithomimus appear in Supercroc, during the mass breakout. Since they are smaller than the others, depending on how much time passed between The Bug House and Supercroc, they may have been the chicks, possibly Oliver and his sibling.

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