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General information
Other names Giant millipede
Giant centipede
Range British Isles, Europe, North America
Temporal range Carboniferous
Diet Vegetation
Notable individuals
Behind the scenes
Appearances Prehistoric Park: The Bug House
Wahey! Look at that! It's an Arthropleura. Wow! What a magnificent creepy-crawley!

Arthropleura is a species of giant centipede or millipede native to the equatorial swamps of the Carboniferous, roaming what is now the northern hemisphere. One is kept in the bug house at Prehistoric Park.

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In Prehistoric ParkEdit

The Bug HouseEdit

In Carboniferous Scotland, Nigel Marven notices something moving in the nearby undergrowth. He chases it, and, when he catches up to it, the animal reveals itself as an Arthropleura. The pair face off for several minutes, with the Arthropleura making mock strikes at Nigel, before he attempts to capture it with his bare hands. It easily escapes, and is gone within seconds. Nigel sees its tracks by a lake shore later on, and speculates that they may be the same fossilised tracks he saw on the modern Isle of Arran.

The next day, a massive forest fire starts, prompting the team to make their way back to the time portal and the bogged-in Jeep. Whilst carrying the giant scorpion, Nigel stumbles over something in the undergrowth. However, this is no ordinary fallen log - it's another Arthropleura. Sensing the heat, it buried itself under the leaf litter, but this will provide little defence against the incoming flames. Nigel knows that it will be burned to death, unless he can save it.

1x5 BobFeedingArthropleura

Bob feeding the Arthropleura in the insect house.

After taking the scorpion and the giant dragonfly back to the Jeep, Nigel and Jim return to the Arthropleura with a tarp. As it tries to flee, Nigel dives onto its back and wraps it up, and Jim ties it up with rope to ensure it cannot escape. It is put into the back of the truck, and all three insects are sucessfully taken back into the present.

After Arthropleura is taken back to Prehistoric Park, it is released into bug house with the other two insects. Head Keeper Bob takes a liking to it, noting that "it's because he's big. He's not like an iggly-wiggly little spider or something that creeps up behind you. He's like a proper animal!". Bob also discovers that it is a vegetarian, and it happily eats a fern from his hand.

Behind the scenesEdit

PHOTO Nigel and Arthropleura

Nigel and the Arthropleura in the Carboniferous.

Despite Bob being shown feeding the Arthropleura, which seems tame, the cover of Prehistoric Park Race to the Rescue depicts him being menaced by the giant millipede. Fans have nicknamed the Arthropleura in the insect house "Ben".

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