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A Mammoth Undertaking
General information
Airdate 29 July 2006
Episode number #2
Animals featured Woolly mammoth
Cave bear
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[Nigel's] next adventure is into the ice age, where he'll come face to face with a woolly rhino, survive a showdown with a colossal cave bear, and solve the mystery of what is killing the last mammoth on Earth.
— Opening narration.
A Mammoth Undertaking is the second episode of Prehistoric Park. In this episode, Nigel saves a woolly mammoth from extinction, but finds her health quickly degenerating.


Nigel travels to the distant past to find the last woolly mammoth, but, when she returns to the park, she quickly falls ill. Meanwhile, at the park, the keepers struggle with caring for some of the animals Nigel has already brought back.



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Cut scenes and subplotEdit

The "storyboards" special feature on disc 1 of the Prehistoric Park DVD release indicates that a cave lion was originally supposed to appear in a cameo. Nigel was also supposed to find a broken flute outside the cave bear's cave, suggesting it had killed a person. Originally, Nigel flees the cave scene before we see what is inside, and he is not chased. The storyboard shows that the cave bear was added in after the scene was concieved, suggesting that the cave lion was to play a role instead of the cave bear.